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Martig Farms - Beloit, OH
Martig Farms Inc. is nestled in the fertile rolling hills of northeast Ohio. Our farm operation has grown to over several thousand acres and has remained a quality family-run enterprise for over 60 years. With seasoned knowledge of farming, dairy and livestock, we continue to produce Birds Luv’Em ® wild bird seed to enhance the enjoyment of nature’s beautiful birds.

We are a wholesaler providing our Birds Luv’Em ® brand to more than 125 distributors.


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Oil Sunflower Seeds Farm Fresh Harvest Mix Economy Blend Deluxe Blend







Farming to Shipping

Farming, sunflower field, grain storage, warehousing, shipping

Martig Farms Inc.

10210 St. Rt. 534

Beloit, OH 44609

Phone: 330-584-7135

Email us via contact page


7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Monday - Saturday

Closed 12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.

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Like Us on Facebook

Individual Seed Offered

• Austrian Peas

• Blended Sunflowers

• Buckwheat

• Canary Seed

• Canola

• Coarse Cracked Corn

• Ear Corn

• Flax Seed

• In-Shell Peanuts

• Malt Barley

• Maple Peas

• Medium Cracked Corn

• Milo

• Oat Groats

• Oil Sunflowers

• Peanunt Pieces

• Pearled Barley

• Race Horse Oats

• Red Millet

• Red Pigeon Grit

• Rice

• Safflower Seed

• Shelled Corn

• Striped Sunflowers

• Sunflower Meats

• Thistle Seed

• Trapper Peas

• Wheat

• White Millet